On view:
November 08 – November 11

I.M.A.G.E Gallery
1501 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Gallery hours:

Debuting exactly one year before the presidential election day, November 8th, blow_hot_and_cold explores the relationship of individuals within the political system in the United States by creating a physical space between the virtual swell of opinion and the individual.

The work consists of a life-size politician mounted to a flag pole surrounded by eight fans. Each fan represents an opposing political opinion currently dividing the political landscape: gun laws, climate change, health care, and abortion.

Each political issue is represented by two opposing fans, one for and one against. By processing the sentiment of tweets in real-time, the power of each fan rises and falls based on the support that issue receives online. As each issue fluctuates, the politician shifts direction to face the opinion with the strongest support.

Created by Do Something Good with Damjan Pita,
Derek Harms, Vasco Barbosa and Samar Zaman

Special thanks to Art in Motion and Art Flag

If you are a curator or gallerist interested in showing the piece, please contact